Maurizio CurtoNews, Orange

Nel 2018 Orange Amps festeggia il suo 50° Anniversario, da quando nel 1968 il fondatore Cliff Cooper decise di creare questo marchio leggendario nella musica rock.

Orange si prepara ad onorare questo appuntamento con tantissime novità ed eventi che faranno felici gli appassionati del marchio di amplificatori britannico.

Di seguito un messaggio del Presidente e Fondatore Cliff Cooper per celebrare questo grande avvenimento:

Few would have thought, including myself, that half a century ago, Orange would have risen to the dizzy heights it has in the global music arena today. From those very humble beginnings in 1968, my love of music and sound assisted me in my vision of producing amplifiers and speakers that were quality built, reliable and with a sound truly pleasing to the ear. This vision was then and always will be, my goal in life. Musicians are far more demanding these days and not satisfied with just singular loud distortion. Of course, the world today is much more interconnected than it was 50 years ago and we continually strive to service the need to produce the finest working tools for the apprentice through to the master musician.

Orange shop staff, 1970. From left: Robin, Cliff, Rocky, Ed, Veronica.

Orange has always been and always will be an innovative company, but if innovation means gimmicks without improving the quality of sound, then we will not incorporate them into our designs. Our team’s willingness to listen to feedback generated from our global dealer network is of great importance and benefit, allowing us to continually adapt to the needs of the musician.

I feel so proud of our achievements since we started in 1968 and I, with Orange, will always do our utmost to provide the very best tools to assist that wonderful desire to listen and appreciate music, with a sound that is as close to perfect as possible. Finally, on such a significant landmark as our 50th Anniversary, it would not be complete, without a full appreciation of the efforts of all those past and present, who have worked so hard and contributed so much to the success of Orange. To them and all our supporters, I truly thank you. As always, I wish you every good wish in your special world of music.